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GoldReg Usage & Pricing Policy
GoldReg is an on-line service. A new user needs only to create a user account to publish a meeting online. There are no charges incurred to create and account, set up a meeting and publish the site to the world wide web. All charges begin when a registration form is submitted.
  • By creating a GoldReg account you have agreed to the Terms and Conditions.
  • All charges for the usage of GoldReg will be invoiced to your company address on your account setup each month.
  • The cost of each registration is $4.00.
  • ALL submitted forms will be charged unless there is custom work by ISIS and there are test registrations from ISIS. These test records will be removed from your site before it goes "live" and charges will be voided for these test records.
  • Custom work is available to modify a GoldReg site. Jobs are quoted by the complexity level of programming, scale of changes and desired turn-over time.

Programming & Customization Policy
.GoldReg is already packed with functionality; however, we know that meeting professional have different needs. If you still need more power for your meeting site, ISIS' programmers can completely customize your site to your specifications. Contact our sales department for more details about customization.

  • Contact the sales department at:
  • Customer must provide the following information:
    • Is this meeting going to be downloaded into the GOLD SYSTEM?
    • Has the site been created and published already?
    • Web form fields to be added, deleted, or changed
    • What information on the form is "required" to be filled in by an attendee?
    • Is there a need to change items such as E-mail confirmations, On-line confirmation pages, Administrative tools and/or any other functions of the GoldReg system?
    • Dates: Site Delivery Date and Meeting Dates

Tips on speeding up Requirements Phase:
  • Build and publish your own website first. By doing so, you may realize you don’t need certain information and it will give you something tangible to work with. There is no charge for building and publishing a website. For a fee, ISIS will set-up your entire form giving you one less thing to wotty about.
  • Once a site has been published, print out the registration form and mark up the print out with your changes.
  • Provide soft copies of all text changes to section headings, emails, confirmations, etc. to ensure accuracy.
  • Fax and email changes to your ISIS contact.

  • ISIS will provide a pricing estimate based on the initial requirements, finalize any additional requirements and will schedule the project for development. Requirements, and deadlines may all be discussed and re-negotiated during this phase.

  • Both parties agree to the terms defined in the proposal and a financial agreement is finalized. Development will not begin until this phase and a financial obligation notice is sent.

  • Development of initial requirements begins. Some contact may occur between the programmer and client to ensure accuracy and to confirm any details or issues that may arise.

  • In-house testing by ISIS programmers. (usually combined with Development Phase)

  • Testing done by the client. This phase will require the client to review customization, test form and view data. If the form is downloaded into the GOLD SYSTEM, it will be required that the information be downloaded into GOLD to ensure the proper information is appearing where you want it to.
  • If the site was built for a third-party, this third party must be satisfied by the customization, as well.

  • Once the client and third-party client has agreed that all work has been done to their satisfaction, the site can be released to the World Wide Web. Upon this agreement, all issues will need to be analyzed and scheduled based on availability.

Typical turnaround for most GoldReg customization is 3 business days.