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The GOLD System: Frequently Asked Questions
What is a wave?
How do you add a venue?
How do I add people in tasks?
Why isn’t the hotel that I put in showing up?
What is Pay Additional Nights (PAN)
What do Other Size 1 and Other Size 2 mean?
Why am I getting negative numbers in my hotel room inventory available?
Why aren’t my contacts transferring throughout the system?
I am trying to create packages and I cannot find an event that I have created?
What is an event category?
What is a preference type?
I am trying to give someone a hotel reservation in the Registration Module in the Hotels tab...
What is a venue?
What is a locale?
What’s the difference between a company and a resource?
What are demographics?
How do I allocate rooms to blocks, groups?
How do I add a Hotel in the Hotels tab?
What is the difference between a locale and a venue?