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News: Press Release

ISIS Announces Second Release of GoldReg


Oakland, New Jersey, February 1, 2002  ISIS Corporation announces a new release of its on-line registration tool

GoldReg is an on-line registration tool that enables any planner to easily design and publish a meeting registration site on the Web.  "A planner with no programming skill can create a registration form on the web and manage the data from simple to complex multi-session, multi-day events," said Charles Lohr, Director of Sales at ISIS.  "We have been continuously improving the functionality of GoldReg.  The improvements include enhanced room block and activity inventory management, additional reports, a more intuitive interface, as well as the ability to create a better “look” for your form.”

GoldReg is very competitively priced at $4.00 per registrant.  There is no set up charge of any type; a planner only pays for the number of attendees registered through the system regardless of the number of times a record is updated.  Without high costs involved, even a relatively small organization can have a professional web presence. 

GoldReg manages multiple properties and room blocks, and has wait listing capabilities.  These same inventory management functions are applied to activity inventory management.  Registrants can update their data on the web up until a preset cut-off date, and blast emails can be created for constant communication with attendees.  ISIS regards data security of the utmost importance.  All industry standard security measures are taken and enforced in GoldReg.

ISIS was founded in 1988 as a corporate meeting planning/data management company, as well as an information technology consulting business.  The company has written many meeting-planning applications for Fortune 500 companies.  ISIS markets a meeting planning software product, The Gold System, which addresses every aspect of a meeting-planning project.  GoldReg and Gold are members of The Gold family of products specifically designed to enhance the productivity of today’s technically advanced meeting planner.

For more information, contact ISIS Corp. at 201-337-8115 ext.38 or E-mail

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