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News: Press Release

ISIS announces Gold on the Web


Oakland, New Jersey, ISIS Corporation announced today that its flagship product, The Gold System is now available through a Web browser.
ISIS now offers The Gold System from any computer connected to the Internet. This is the full client server version of the industry standard meeting planning software, not a watered down Web version. "This new technology enables an organization to quickly and seamlessly implement the power of the Gold System to a widely dispersed user-base without the expense or headaches typically associated with internal software deployment," said Charles Lohr, Director of Sales at ISIS. "Information is housed in a database dedicated to the organization, not intermixed with everyone else as with other Internet based solutions. The broad-based functionality that exists today in our client server version of Gold is now available on the Web."

Availability on the Web opens the door for new ways to use the product. Organizations wishing to implement a long-term solution can purchase The Gold System and add users as needed. A another option is to lease Gold and pay as you go. Existing Gold customers can move their Gold operations to the Web without any conversion issues.

The hottest topic in meeting management today is consolidation. The Gold System on the Web enables users from anywhere in an organization to enter meeting information, hotel contracts and meeting spend. If the user wishes, they can go on to use the additional functionality of Gold to plan the meeting and register attendees.

Combine Gold on the Web with existing Web registration products from ISIS and today's meeting planner is fully equipped for efficient, high-tech meeting management. Anywhere. Anytime.

Another distinct advantage to Gold on the Web is that all software upgrades and service is managed for the client. Upgrades occur automatically, no distributing new software or files to the user. The database server, data storage, system backups and security are all included in the offering. This eliminates significant start-up costs as well as on-going system support and maintenance.

For more information or to schedule a demonstration, please contact Charles Lohr at or go to our Web site


The Gold System is a feature rich, relational database management solution for the meeting planning industry. Gold manages the complete spectrum of meeting planning tasks from the first phone call requesting the meeting to planning events and budgets, registering attendees through final cost reconciliation.

The Gold System is a 32 bit Windows-based application developed in Inprise Delphi using Microsoft SQL Server Client Server database technology.

Gold on the Web is made possible through the use of "Thin Client" technology. Using Microsoft Terminal Server and Citrix Presentation Server technology, users connect to a powerful application server running The Gold System through a secure Internet connection. All of the work is done on the server, the user simply sends key strokes and mouse clicks to the server and in turn receives screen images, all through a standard Web browser.

Other products available from ISIS include Web registration tools, import utilities, Web reporting and other custom application development that connect to The Gold System.

For more information, contact ISIS Corp. at 201-337-8115 ext.38 or E-mail

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