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The GOLD System: Budgeting

Keeping track of a list of meetings can be a daunting task. The Meetings module keeps tabs on all of the general information that pertains to the meeting.

From the basics, such as name, dates, and location - to details such, as hotel inventory, registration set up, tasks and contact lists, the Meetings module gives the planner the tools to store information about the meeting and use it to improve communication within a workgroup.

Budget List

Budget items are displayed in a spreadsheet format. Users can add unit cost, tax and gratuity directly in the grid.

Budgets can be viewed in chronological order or by resource assigned, by service area, or by event.

Budget Form

The form view of each line item gives you a more detailed view of each line item. This can give you the ability to compare your standard price verses your negotiated price. The rollup of cost savings is your company’s/client’s ROI.

Other Key Features
  • Select Bidders
The Send RFP To: tab lets you choose resources that should be considered for selected services for a meeting. Custom RFPs can be generated/tailored to each supplier and the services they will bid on.

  • Batch Assign Resources
A meeting budget can have hundreds of line items of detail. The batch assignment features allow you to select multiple line items and assign resources all at once.

  • Batch Assign Costs
Using a filter, you can find similar line items and assign unit cost, tax, gratuity, standard cost or any combination all at once.