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The GOLD System: Events

Details, details, details. They are what separate a good meeting from a great meeting.

The Events module starts with the big picture of date, place and time. Next add service items, speaker information and free form notes.

Event Information

In addition to the date, time and place, you can add the capacity, venue, room name, setup style and arranger (contact) for each event within the meeting.

Duplicate (D) and Repeat (R) buttons quickly create copies of events including all details and notes.

Event Services

Getting down to the details, the planner can point and click all of the service items required for each event and add detailed notes about each item including menus and service instructions. Every item added here is also added to the budget for costing, eliminating duplicate effort.

Instead of a long, tedious word-processed document, you can now run a single pre-formatted report of all of the event requirements.

Other Key Features
  • Seating
Manage stadium seating, table seating or golf foursome assignments with the Seats feature.

  • Inventory Management
Powerful inventory management keeps track of the events assigned to attendees and maintains limits set for each event.

  • Event Packages
Create pre-defined event itineraries to use as templates for custom itineraries or for quick, mass assignment of standard itineraries.