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The GOLD System: Invoices

Consolidation. In a word, the ability to leverage an organization’s buying power by understanding and quantifying the amount of money spent on meetings.

You must already review an invoice for accuracy. The simple step of recording the invoice in the Invoices module completely enables the consolidation process with the information needed to bring the full buying power of an organization to bear.

Invoice Header Data

Enter the basic information about the invoice including the invoice number, date, terms, total invoice amount.

Also track when to pay by, if paid, check number and when paid.

Invoice Detail Data

The invoice can be broken down by the different service areas authorized for the resource.

This accomplishes two tasks. First it enables reconciliation with the budget defined in the Budgeting module. It also enables the tracking of the amount of money actually spent on a meeting within each service area.

Other Key Features
  • Resource Tracking
Track the historical amount spent with each resource.

  • Resource Chain Tracking
Track the historical amount spent at each hotel or other supplier chain.
  • Statistical Analysis
Understand the average spend per attendee night for all meetings by service area. This enables better estimating of future meetings costs and can highlight areas where potential savings can be sought.