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The GOLD System: Other Information

Additional Utilities
  • Importing Data
Our import utility enables the registration process to begin with data supplied from other systems or sources, such as spreadsheets, text files and mainframe data management systems.

  • Web Registration
Custom web registration form development and hosting can be provided. Using the import utility, data can be collected on the World Wide Web and imported into a Gold System meeting.

System Requirements

  • Database Server
Pentium IV or higher with 1GB system memory and 2GB of available hard disk space (additional will be required as database grows) running Windows 2003 with latest service packs.

  • Workstation
Pentium III or higher with 512mb of system memory and 100mb of available hard disk space running Windows XP/Vista.
MSSQL 2000 Personal Edition complete with enterprise manager is recommended.

  • MS SQL Server 2000
Microsoft SQL Server 2000 must be installed on the Database server with per seat licensing and the Client Network utility installed on each workstation. MS SQL Server Licensing is not included with the purchase of the Gold System and should be purchased separately.


  • Support
Telephone support is included for one year from date of purchase for a single point of contact. Additional site support is also available and is detailed in the licensing agreement executed at time of purchase.