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The GOLD System: Registration

Guess who’s coming dinner. No guessing here... Capture every aspect of every attendee coming to the meeting.

From basic attendance status, hotel reservations and travel information to event preferences and assignments, the Registration module tracks everything.

Hotel Reservations

Assign hotel reservations by hotel, room type and quality. You can set up separate blocks to create different rooming lists.

As reservations are made, inventory is automatically updated in the Meetings module.

Each attendee can have multiple reservations. Roommates are easily assigned (even with different dates) and inventory managed accordingly.


Users can define custom questions and answers for each meeting. This eliminates the need for database changes to meet the ever-changing needs of the meetings.

By defining the answers with the questions, data entry is simplified and reporting is much tighter. No need to worry about varying or misspelled answers.

Other Key Features
  • Status Changes
When an attendee’s status changes to canceled, all hotel reservations and event assignments are canceled and inventory is updated.
  • Travel Requests
Collect travel request information. Using the optional CRS Interface, this information can be sent directly into the CRS (Apollo and Sabre currently) creating a shell PNR in which a travel agent can book actual travel reservations. Booked information is returned to Gold for Arrival and Departure reporting.
  • Registration Fees
Track multiple fees for each attendee.
  • Event Assignment
Track event preference and easily create custom itineraries for each attendee.
  • Batch Registration
Register multiple attendees at once from the People database.