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The GOLD System: Resources

"Does anybody have a good hotel in Fiji?"

The Resources module is about finding and sharing supplier information. By centrally storing this information, all planners share the work done by others to find good, qualified resources.

Resource Information

Resources are company locations that provide goods or services.

Resource Filter

By applying a filter to the module, users can quickly locate resource that meet specified criteria.

"Show me a list of Hotels, in Fiji, that are approved for destination management services."

Other Key Features
  • Contact List
Keeps a list of all contacts associated with the resources. Even people who work for another company or location (such as the National Sales Reg) can be listed as a contact. Primary Contact designations are also available.
  • Hotel Information
Resources marked as hotels can collect additional information about hotel type, number of rooms, and room types and qualities that are available.
  • Venue Information
Resources marked as venues can collect information about number of meeting rooms, largest group, venue type, amphitheaters, on-site catering.
  • Location and Services
Resources can be related to multiple locations and multiple services offered.
  • Standard Price List
Standard Price lists can be stored in the system for each Resource, for each service provided.